Paygee is the go-to solution for any business in need of a totally integrated PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) platform. The hardware agnostic software suite allows for remote access and control of PAYG products, minimizes operational costs and empowers sales forces.

Paygee offers cost effective solutions for the most common last mile distribution challenges

  • High upfront cost / barrier ?

  • Split costs into easy-to-pay installments.

  • Limited insight into distribution ?

  • Use real-time data monitoring to inform your management decisions.

  • Lack of documented KPIs ?

  • Benefit from detailed data-driven reporting to support investor relations.


Customer Relationship Management

Payment Collection & Management

Workforce Management

Product & Service Management

Inventory Management

Credit Management

Business Intelligence

Turn Key Solutions for PAYG Integration



SMS Gateway

Mobile Money

Business Analytics

Financial Institutions

The Paygee Advantage

Software Suite

Fully integrated state-of-the art software suite to power any modern PAYG business.

Technician App

Like “Uber” but for technicians. Assign and resolve technical issues dynamically in real time.

Sales Agent App

Real-time sales force management and performance tracking of all sales agents.

Customer App

Communicate directly with your customers. Up-sell, cross-sell, and keep in touch.

Berlin-based international software & support teams

6+ years of in-house development and in-the-field validation

Over 100,000 systems on the platform

Supporting 1,000’s of sales agents and technicians across multiple markets

Multiple mobile money & SMS integrations all ready-to-go

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  • “We provide a hardware agnostic software suite that
    makes major consumer and commercial implementations
    possible for our partners”

    Klaus Maier, Paygee